What is Skrill? Fast Online Money Transfer | Skrill is an online E-wallet

  • Dec 03 2020
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Skrill is an online payment company through which you can do as many transactions as you want and can transfer money without any problem all around the world. Skrill was established in 2001, but now it is owned by the paysafe group, which is a large company that provides you with the facility to make online transactions through other channels as well.


How to deposit Skrill account with Visa and Mastercard

Skrill was famous for its specialty in gambling transactions, but now it has widened its services and expanded its playing field. Skrill Money Transfer acts as an online service through which you can transfer money to anyone and anywhere around the world without having any difficulty.


Skrill money transfer is the most efficient, fast, easy-to-use method to make any transaction. Above all, skrill money transfer is very famous for its fee structure and exchange rates.


All those people who want to have a clear idea of how does skrill work? And what are the benefits of using Skrill? This review article will provide you with all the information you need before moving on to Skrill.


Deposit and Withdrawal Methods in Skrill?

Skrill is a widely acknowledged online e-wallet or payment system. Not only that is is also accepted at a large number of online merchants. Before using Skrill as your payment system, you need to create an account on Skrill. After creating an account, you will have a considerable number of options through which you can deposit or withdraw funds in your Skrill account.

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Deposit Options  Bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, Neteller, bitcoin.

Withdrawal Fee – Bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, Neteller, bitcoin, Paysafecard, Trustly, Klarna.


Credit Card or Debit Card is the easiest method to deposit and withdraw funds in Skrill because funds will be transferred instantly into your Skrill account.


Does Skrill charge anything?

The important thing in decision making while choosing any online e-wallet payment system is that whether this online system will charge anything or it is free of cost? Nothing in this world comes without any cost. Same is the case with online payment systems as well, they charge you. Keeping in view all the charges, whether it is depositing fee, withdrawal fee, or exchange rates, we have come to the point that Skrill is one of the best payment systems in the world right now.

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Here we have discussed in detail the charges of using Skrill.


Deposit Fee – Skrill charges you 1% of the total amount which you are depositing in your Skrill account. Suppose you are depositing $100, then the total amount which you receive in your account will be $99. Skrill charges 1% regardless of the depositing method you are using.


Withdrawal Fee – The best thing about Skrill is you have many choices to withdraw your amount. The withdrawal fee depends on the withdrawal method you use. If you withdraw funds directly in your bank account, then you will be charged 5.50 euros; however, if you use your debit card or credit card to withdraw funds, then you will be charged a mouth-watering amount of 7.5% of your transaction.


Transferring Fee – If you are transferring funds to another person, then Skrill will charge you 1.45% of the total amount.


Is Skrill secure enough to use?

Skrill is as safe as the funds are in your own hand. Established e-wallet systems such as Skrill are the safest systems around the world when it comes to the security of your funds. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority authorizes Skrill under the Electronic Money Regulations act 2011. So, there is no question about the security of the Skrill.

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However, we highly recommend setting up two-factor authentication because it ensures that only you are logging into your account. It will send a six-digit PIN code to your mobile phone before logging into your account.

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All in all, Skrill is, without any doubt, the most reliable, efficient, and safest system in the world.


What are the benefits of using Skrill?

Skrill has been one of the best online e-wallet systems in the world for long. It facilitates its customers in many ways. Some of the reasons why should customers join it are as follows:


1. Extra Security:

Skrill has developed such a system that no one can hack into their database, so technically saying, it is the most reliable system available all over the world.

The phishing email is a widely used hacking method to hack your accounts. To avoid this threat, you must be aware of the fact that Skrill never uses the email method to contact you for asking about your account passwords.


2. Skrill Mobile Application:

The most beneficial thing about Skrill is that it has a mobile application as well. The mobile app provides you with the facility to use your account anywhere, anytime you want. You do not have to keep your laptop/computer along with you all the time to access your funds/account.

The app is supported across both Android and IOS devices; however, Blackberry and Windows phones are still not supported by the Skrill mobile application.

The best thing about the app is that it becomes very easier for you to verify yourself because you are not required to upload your selfie while holding a placard mentioning the current date.


3. Faster Deposits and Withdrawals:

The most significant and proficient thing of the Skrill account is that it is quick. Skrill takes only 24 hours to store and pull back assets from your record. However, if you use your credit card or debit card to store and withdraw funds, then it takes no time.


4. Skrill Customer Support:

Skrill deals with its customers with the online support system as well. An online support system is functional 24/7 throughout the year. You can contact anytime to the customer support to solve any of your problems. You can call as well or can drop a message for the Skrill customer support team if you are having any problem.


5. Skrill Prepaid Debit Card:

Skrill provides its customers with the facility of acquiring Skrill prepaid debit card, which comes with many functionalities. For example, a Skrill debit card can be used to purchase anything. Most importantly, you can use the Skrill debit card to withdraw funds from any ATM Machine. If you use a debit card to withdraw fee, then you will be charged 1.75% of the total amount.


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