Neteller online wallet - NETELLER VIP E-Wallet Review 2020

  • Oct 12 2020
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Neteller is an online wallet, commonly known as e-wallet, which provides you with the facility to both send and receive funds or payments in multiple currencies. Neteller is one of the best e-wallet systems in the world and is widely acknowledged all over the world. It is, without any doubt, universally accepted at many online retailers as well as online casinos.


Neteller has many advantages over credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts if one uses it as an online payment method. We will be sharing the benefits of Neteller at the end of this review article. For all those people who are interested in having a Neteller account, this review article would be of great help to you.


Does Neteller charge any fee?

Neteller would charge you in exchange for the services it provides. But, the charges would be very minimal and affordable as compared to other online e-wallers available in the market. However, if you want Neteller to charge you nothing, then you can update to the Neteller VIP Program and get rid of all the charges it incurs. Following are some examples of Neteller on which you will be paying:


Deposit Fee  Depositing money into the Neteller account can cost you a fee from 1% to 8%. Moreover, the charges depend on the payment method you use while transferring the amount to your Neteller account.

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Withdrawal Fee – Same is the case when you withdraw money from your Neteller account. The withdrawal fee may vary from one payment method to another payment method. However, if you use your funds at online merchant sites, then it will cost you nothing.


Card Fee – Neteller also offers you the facility to use its card. If you withdraw your funds using the Neteller card, it will cost you 1.75% of the total amount. Moreover, if you lost your card, then you will have to pay 9.32 € to replace a lost/stolen or new card.


Currency Conversions – Neteller charges you 3.99% for currency conversion. However, this fee may drop a little if you join Neteller VIP Program.


Is Neteller safe enough to use?

There is no doubt in the secure system of Neteller. Neteller is one of the safest online e-wallet systems in the world. It is arguably more reliable than using credit cards or bank accounts online.


Neteller is an authorized company by FCA in the Uk. Therefore, there is not any chance of fraud. Your funds would be secure and ready to access at any point in the world.

Neteller is a huge company, and it invests a lot in its security to avoid any inconvenience. It uses the most secured SSL encryption, and that’s why breaching the security of Neteller is extremely difficult or nearly impossible.

Neteller also provides you with the facility to set-up two-factor authentication, which means peeping into your account is next to impossible.


Keeping in view all these factors, you can easily say that the Neteller is 100% safe, risk-free, and there is zero chance of your funds being at risk.


What are the benefits of using Neteller? And Why should customers join it?

Many online retailers and online casinos prefer to use Neteller on their websites because of many reasons. Neteller gives it’s customers many benefits. Some of the reasons why should customers join it are as follows:

1 – Extra Security:


Sharing bank account details, credit cards, or debit card information is a big concern these days because of security breaches and hacking attempts.

On top of that, sharing financial information with online casinos and other vendors can make people feel uncomfortable. Here Neteller plays its role by providing an extra layer of security. Online casinos will only have the information of your Neteller account, and they will be completely unaware of your banking credentials.


2 – Lower Fee:

Most of the online e-wallet systems charge much and are not a viable solution for any user. However, on the other hand, Neteller is famous for its low charges and enhanced security. Neteller charges you very little, as you can see the details mentioned above.

Moreover, if you successfully qualify for the Neteller VIP Program, then these charges can be reduced.


3 – Extra Bonuses:

The most beneficial thing about the Neteller account is that it is the source of extra bonuses for you. Most of the online platforms and online casinos prefer the Neteller account, and if you use a Neteller account on these platforms, then you will get some extra bonuses.


This does not happen at every platform, but there are hundreds of platforms that offer you bonuses if you use the Neteller account.


4 – Faster Deposits and Withdrawals:

The most important and efficient thing of the Neteller account is that it is speedy. Neteller usually takes just 24 hours to deposit and withdraw funds from your account as opposed to several days for credit cards and bank transfers.


5 – Multiple Currency Options:

Neteller offers you multiple currency options, which are of a great plus for those people who are looking to transfer money internationally. But, those who are interested in transferring funds internationally must keep in mind that the Neteller will charge you for currency exchange as well.


6 – Anonymity:

 It is an undeniable fact that banks do not like any gambling activities on your bank account, and if the bank finds such kind of action, then it would become tough for you to get bank loans and all that. Neteller e-wallet system offers you the best facility to avail to keep your gambling and other activities a secret.


7 –  Neteller Card:

 Neteller also has its credit card through which you can withdraw funds from any ATM all around the world. This Neteller card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Neteller card is also suitable for all the customers because it does not have any monthly fee. You have to pay a one-time credit card fee as discussed above; other than that, there are certainly no charges for using the Neteller card.

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  • VIP status on favorable terms
  • Verification in 24 hours
  • 0% fee for internal transfers
  • Support 24/7

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